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08 November 2006 @ 01:04 pm
I don't like to delve into politics. I used to keep up, yes. But the past years, I have been so utterly disgusted with the insane state of things and the naivety of the people around me (blind trust, fallible arguments) that I've high-tailed away from speaking. I don't like to identify to parties, generally. I'm more of an issue-girl. It annoys the Hell of me how politics becomes a baseball game, crazed fans screaming for their team and having no idea in Hell how the game works or what the count at the plate is. This is especially true in Alabama, where "liberal" is a cuss word on TV. Oh, how "evil." I have nothing against Republicans or Democrats or whatever else is out there. I know a couple of superficial things: 1. Listening to Bush speak is freaking hilarious and provides me with much-needed laughter. 2. The Republicans around here are full of BS. 3. Extremists on both sides of the chalk line are insane.

On another note, I'm very disappointed that yesterday was the very first time I voted a straight ticket. What is this world coming to?
"I agree that these 3 stooges are doing a good job, the best job in the world to fuck up our country forever. We are now up to our ass in debt, to our enemies. The world hates us. We have stupid assed leaders who support torture and we keep losing more and more constitutional guarantees daily. We are getting closer each day to totalitarian America. God help us."
Richard J. Palmer | 11.02.06 - 6:49 am |

Now, I got the following link from my much more politically aligned uncle - it's a link to Republican Joshn Rogers and it's definitely worth a read. I miss the non-extremists, level-headed Prepublicans too. I Still Miss Republicans.

And what do outsiders think? Obvious confusion.

Hm. That's something that I've never quite been able to viscerally get about the US political scene, the immense strength of the party system. I'm no stranger to the partisanship, I lived in the States for the two years up to the last election, and I read a lot of US political blogs and other media, but... I still can't quite understand why people still feel embarrassed when they feel they have to abandon a mainstream political party, founded to serve purposes that are very far from their own priorities.

I mean, here in the UK, it's embarrassing to be a supporter of any of the main parties, regardless of your beliefs. You're seen as a party hack and/or a bit of a sheep. Old-school conservatives I know will slag off the Tory party as much as I will. I don't see that ours are any better or worse than yours, and I don't see that they've made any worse a job of differentiating themselves from each other - it's just that nobody believes them when they claim to be different, certainly not after all the years of Blairism.

It's something that I really, truly don't get. Rogers' statement that "I have my little checklist of political beliefs, and whatever candidate most matches them, I vote for them." seems eminently rational. Isn't that how it's supposed to work?


Yeah. It is. But everybody has to be all gung-ho about his/her team. *sighs* Write-in ballots may be the future for me. *sob*
11 September 2006 @ 11:48 am
So. Everyone's doing the 9-11 thing. Yeah, the families and friends who experienced that tragedy - my heart goes out to them. But for me to act like I know all about it? No. I'm not going to shower them with sparkles. I think that would be disrepectful. I think they're brave and that each and every one of them is still fighting the battle of losing their loved ones. But on the other hand, there are people all over the world every day who feel pain over the loss of special people. No pain is the same, no. But it happens. That doesn't make it mean any less, but there you go. What I'm trying to express is that I'm not going to wear out the remembrance for show. Everyone gets so into the drama that they forget the reality. It feels false to watch some of them give their "condolences." Especially the "historical fiction" and "dramatizations" commercialized TV is spewing out. Ugh.

In other news, SURPRISE. Radiolody test today. And dammit, I hope I made a C. I was unprepared. I knew everything concerning anatomy and positions, but the RPO/LPO lateral references - was that in relation to CR or the SID? Crap. Oh well. I'll figure it out, because the first lab is tomorrow. If I crashed. Bah. Inspires me to do better, I guess. Oh, and if I can pimp this out to my fellow students, I'll probably get a filter for RAD only to trade outlines and lecture recordings. Because I have to have something or I'll burn out in this program.

LINKS OUT: Today, you need to read this post. It kind of hearkens to those feelings I was trying to express up there, concerning the World Trade Center.
07 September 2006 @ 12:54 pm
Rain. Amen. Thank you, Bergeron process. It's raining. What a relief. There has been too little of it here. It's been all around us, surely, passing a couple of miles north or south on just about every occasion, but it hasn't been here. I don't know how many times I've driven out of the storms and back to my house. For this reason, our garden didn't do well, and I haven't planted any herbs, which makes me pout like a brat. A brief shower, I guess, because it just stopped again. But better than nothing. For me and Dad, the dryness aggravates out allergies, so maybe this'll help.

As for me, just got home. Went to Wallace this morning to resign scholarship - switching from academic to health category to accomodate my major. (Thank goodness, I couldn't afford it this semester otherwise - the 600 dollar book fee already killed me once last month. Luckily, RAD books should last a while. Already starting to save for that time when scholarship money runs out - 2 semesters away. Honestly, sometimes I almost wish I had the political standing of all those brats who get a foot in the door, and funding at that, simply because of name. Oh well - should make me a better person if I have to work for it, right?)

Checked out a lot of books today. Though, I was walking up the steps to the library, and I promptly got sprayed with water about halfway up. I stood there for a moment - deadpan. Then, a lady came rushing out, "Oh I'm so sorry! I just turned those on and I got you, didn't I?" Of course, bear in mind that these sprinklers were still running (chikchikchikchik), but my notes and clothes were already wet, so I didn't bother rushing through. "Yeah, you got me."

The best stuff happens to me, honestly. But the librarian was nice; he's always cheerful and if he's not actually interested in what you're getting, he sure does a good job of pretending. It's nice. As for me, I just checked out books on philosophy and critique, since I couldn't be bothered to spend the money it takes to run copies off for my research paper. I almost grabbed a few other things I wanted to read, but I held off like a good girl (not like I'd have time regardless). Not until I get my work done. I'll get distracted.